20 October 2006


monty's gone missing again. i'm about done with bad news for the moment.


kumquat said...

lil monkey is back after spending a couple of days in the country with a market trader whose camper van he jumped into!

blueduck said...


alimal said...

i didn't want to tell you at the time but it turns out on Friday night Robert and Liz saw him in Russel park - at a little distance in the dark so Liz obviously didn't think 'oh, it's Monty' - but when i told her he was missing she looked horrified and was like, "oh no! I saw him!!"
crazy puppy. get him chipped!
hope holiday is fun! xx

kumquat said...

he IS chipped!!

and thank you for not telling me at the time!

Anonymous said...

Thank for inviting me to your party. I had a lovely time. I hardly got to speak to you though. This means more drinks soon. And less pianos.