27 April 2013


I did a nice thing for someone and they gave me a nice card saying I was nice. Any more detail would be bragging. Be nice to people! It feels nice.

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Regional comestibles

Who'd have thought the Greggs fresh cream Belgian bun was not a universal delicacy? Get ye all to your locals to see if this thing of delight, this stuff of dreams exists in your region.

Not in Llanelli it ain't. Bedford seems to have something of a monopoly on these heart-stoppers.
And so it was that my friend and I decided to recreate this sumptuous delight using only some Belgian buns and some cream.

The experimentation continues.

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21 April 2013

'The Mother and Child Re-union'

Oh wow, I'm sorry (I'm not) but my son is gorgeous.

I had such a good day with him yesterday. We met in London (if you say it fast you can pretend it wasn't a 13.5 hour round trip for me) to celebrate his 21st.

We went to the 2013 graphic arts expo at Somerset House and saw lots of cool stuff. Here's a splash I did earlier this evening taken from one of the pictures I saw;

I took him out for dinner and he bought me a waffle later on as we strolled along the south bank. The weather was amazing and we had a laugh.

I've always said he's on his own planet, now here's the proof.

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