25 March 2006

blog highlights

Here are a few extracts from friends blogs for your interest and delectation. Also it's nice to plug a friends efforts once in a while.


If my condo is worth $500,000 by then, it will just cost me $1,000,000 for a house. I suppose it only makes a difference if one sells and moves to a less expensive area. But then - interesting cities are expensive for a reason. People want to live in them, and they are willing to pay for such exciting and amazing lives.

To which I agreed that although our repossession house had quadrupled in price since we bought it, we'd have to move into a caravan if we wanted to see any of the cash!


Movie Haiku - V For Vendetta
He keeps his mask on

wants anarchy in UK
big bang for Big Ben

Clever friend who haikuus recent films to help you decide whether to go and see it.

More next time.


For those of you lucky enough to know the phenomenon that is Monty, I bring you Monty supercharged. She goes by the name of Timber and we're looking after her for a few days. She's like an elastic ball bouncing off the walls. I've been trying for 2 days to get a picture of her face but so far she's not kept still long enough. This is the best you're going to get. She's having her spring break chez kumquat while her kennel is being built in the meantime, she and Monty have had to bed down together.

We love her to bits!

24 March 2006

A pleasant night over in London while on my course.

19 March 2006

No matter how good your camera, nothing can reproduce the grandeur of actually being on the edge of a precipice in the alps.

We had an amazing time, spoilt with brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies the entire time we were away. Above is one of my favourite red runs. (Direction Oz?) During the week I did the longest black piste run in Europe; 16k and one of the most difficult black runs in Europe: the tunnel run. Seasoned skiers think twice and three times before hanging their feet over the edge and manoeuvring the moguls.

It's very peculiar to be skiing in blazing sunshine but still see enormous icicles (some up to 20 ft) and snowdrifts everywhere.

I've come back with Panda eyes from tanning with sunglasses, attempted harder runs than last year, made a few jumps and raced with the blokes!

The scenery is stunning, the sport is breath taking and the company was brilliant. It's the perfect holiday if you have a kid who is always on the move and two adults who don't quite know when enough is enough.