22 February 2006

what's the matter with you people?

i haven't had a post from anyone since 11th Feb. Come on, get it together people!

Had my 2nd day at my 6 week (ish) secondment store today. Think I might survive it. Seemed a lot better today than my first afternoon which left me feeling apprehensive. The front of the store is beautiful with those big thick glass curved windows that make me think of Victorian Christmases for some reason - probably all those festive pictures of sentimentality. Had a thrilling afternoon taking the staff on a white knuckle ride into virgin territory of cluster reports and genre bestseller lists. I mask my nerdish nature with faux cynicism.

20 February 2006

in which a first is discovered and alcohol is a recurrent theme

to date i've not had the experience that many people have of waking up the next morning and remembering nothing after a drinking binge. until this evening when i discovered that i had been fed a bowl of miso soup between being dressed in someone else's pyjamas and lying down in a bed in derek jarman's old house. each of the latter i remember perfectly but not the miso soup. how freaked out was i when i found out this evening? this was virgin territory for me and felt really odd finding out.oh woe is me for i am not omniscient springs to mind for some incomprehensible reason. having learnt about renaissance man's ambition to know everything i've never been quite the same again. so anyway, i discovered this over my 2nd large (thank you NY3) glass of red.

found out interesting things like a good mate of mine, who for purposes of anonymity we'll call Mary, is friends with Peter Jackson and has his home number and has been to his house in NZ .

oh and i went to a management training day for work. i knew there was a reason i wound up at the blue posts!