11 September 2013


Finally! My Myers-Briggs 'P' has come into force this morning - particularly the motivated by doing things at the last minute element.

Overnight hotel in Las Palmas now booked.

Someone to meet me at the airport sorted.

Ticket bought for onward flight to العيون

Pick up at Laayoune organised

Suppose I should think about packing. Not before a second coffee though, right?

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10 September 2013

Days like these...

Phone call from mini-me checking to see how I'm doing. Got link to a pile of his artwork I'd not seen before

Ran into Tony B who recommended tk maxx for headphones

Bought very reasonably priced Skull Candy that have great volume and quality

Coffee with Vanessa

Bought pile of yoghurts so the yog-hog can pay back her debt to society and the Tull's fridge

Odds and ends of jobs

Tea chez Cook's. Got three cards, 1 each from the kids with Oscar signing his card as 'bum' because there wasn't enough space to write his name!!!

Did a bit of worship at a small group and got spontaneously swamped with prayer and love

Back home to find Kirsty had hung out my washing!

Dog hugs & sleep

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9 September 2013

The upside

Bedford - Laayoune

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What is this rain and cold?

OK, I'm ready to go!

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8 September 2013


I wonder if when Jonah was off to catch his boat, all his mates thought he was getting the one to Nineveh but once they'd waved him off he jumped on a different one?

This is conjecture, of course, but there would have been boat schedules possibly or he would at least have know in advance of leaving that the date was drawing closer.

How inviting and straightforward must that boat to Tarshish have appeared? Maybe bigger and stronger looking than the one going in the opposite direction. How easy, when no one was looking anymore would it have been to sidle from one queue to another and blend in with the travellers and tourists?

I'm not seriously tempted to 'head to Tarshish' but there is an appeal in stopping in the canaries, deciding to stay to see mini-me through uni, deciding to stay in the UK and convince myself and others what I really need is just a little bit more training.

But Saturday it is and Nineveh it will be. I carry something too precious to be sacrificed for comfort and ease. The alternative is that I am sacrificed instead. So be it. I will leave with tears and come back rejoicing with sheaves.

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Six days 'til I head to the desert and I'm going to try and chronicle the countdown even though it might not fit the usual bill of 'lighter bites'

Woke this morning feeling sick with emotion and heavy with the weight if impending loss.

The sun is streaming through the window and there's not a cloud in the sky on a day that was forecast for rain. I take some comfort from that.

Jesus set his face resolutely as he faced the cross and I will imitate the master.

Today is my last Sunday at KA, my last Sunday hanging out with the dear Davies', my last Sunday.

This time next week I will be flying from the Canaries to العيون

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