26 January 2013


11:30 pm - leave Llanelli
00:15 am - bus from Swansea
04:00 am - arrive Bristol airport
06:20 am - flight to Brussels
12 noon - flight Ouagadougou
16:50 pm - arrive in Burkina Faso!

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20 January 2013

The digs

2 weeks back in Llanelli and living in a new place. Roaring log fires in Pam's wood burner is one of the highlights of living here!

Pam is a lot of fun and takes my teasing in good form. I even caught her giving some back the other day.

The house is beautifully quiet and we enjoy lots of ordinary things together; eating, chatting, praying, reading, watching iPlayer and DVDs.

I've met the hounds next door 'that way' and met another neighbour 'the other side' who took an instant dislike to me and expressed her feelings clearly and repeatedly. I hadn't done anything and I was polite but it seems my very existence was an irritant to her. I got used to that a long time ago!

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