4 March 2006

lords of dogtown

love to hate

got a fwd but I liked this quote:

Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out. But I can usually shut the bitch up with cookies.

3 March 2006

in good company!

received news today of people thinking about Mr K at the moment and wrote: we light a candle at breakfast every day for you all-and Norman Kember. Not sure how I feel about being included in such illustrious company but very touched.

2 March 2006

half and half

another day of flitting between two different branches and not really enjoying the dizzying effects of hurtling round hertfordshire. well, it makes the working day go quicker i guess.

overheard at work today: "that book's awful. i read the first few pages but it was so bad i had to throw it across the room." It happened to be the book I'm reading at the moment and finding really interesting!

1 March 2006

day off

lay in til 930 when i realised i had an appointment in an hours time, half an hour away. made it by 1035.

the appointment went like this. brrr. clump clump clump. crunch crunch. click-clunk, click-clunk, ting-ting-ting of the poma, swooooosh.

got home. went and had me nails done.

got home. washed up. sat and watched 'bagdad cafe' that i got free with the guardian a few months ago. really liked it. the setting was just the kind of colours and backdrop to a lot of books i like reading. decided i really like that beat up old american middle of nowhere type of scene, especially in novels.

got pizza in. had friend round. put world to rights. got late birthday present from her after her trip to syria; groovy ingredients for middle eastern cooking (saffron, undefined but delicious smelling spice, dried lemons which remind me of the shrunken heads in the pitts river which i haven't seen so therefore can't technically be reminded of them but still are rather how i picture a shrunken head, only more aromatic, hopefully) Also got a stunning tablecloth made of woven reds, golds and blacks from Syria. Reminded me a lot of the traditional Palestinian patterns on other things I have.

just read someone else's blog who says lots of tremendously charming things about me. obviously someone who doesn't know me terribly well but i'm not complaining.

i might even link it!


what the heck.

27 February 2006

quite simply splendid

what a top notch day. down to Londonium to sit around in a meeting for work, seeing lots of lovely peeps I consider good friends since starting the fasttrack course. A trip round my mate's store where he is the A.M (almighty master). Coffee out with said chap. Giggles about our 100 word writing challenge and promises to quaff alcohol together again soon.

Wandered down to the National Theatre where I saw a stunning display of post-Tsunami photos put up by Oxfam. I do think Oxfam are completely fab.

Got intercepted just as I was heading for Tate Modern by a text from another rather charming mate who told me to hot foot it back to Covent Garden's 'Food for Thought' restaurant to meet him for lunch. Don't mind if I do! Had one of my favourite foods ever - pasta and pesto. Kicks foodie butt. A groovy little broom cupboard of an establishment. Talked shop for a while then moved on to the pub to put the worlds to right.

Trained back home in time for tea prepared by the MIL and am now about to drop into my pit for a few hours.

26 February 2006

protecting the guilty

persons a, b, c, d and e have been lax recently and rather unfeeling despite my having taken an unspecified action. Person f has outclassed him/herself in being a prize chump and left me and person g unhappy. People at location A have helped and a number at location B also. On another matter I am spending less time at location C which is not a bad thing but location D is not a perfect place to be always. In particular individual x can be hard work and makes me think how easy it was to be with person y. Person z continues to be intermittently annoying with occassional flashes of personability. Overall the situation with (i) is looking positive and situation (ii) has an end in sight.

But now I must go down to person g and have lunch!