16 July 2005


back in from a 6:30 a.m start at work having comprehensively out reserved the competitors and refused to drop to their levels of (unsuccessful) queue pinching at midnight. made lots of kiddos and i'll-have-read-it-by-tomorrow adults happy.

i think i'm going to curl up in the corner for the rest of the weekend and sleep. on second thoughts, i think i'll do a 5k run.

11 July 2005

i got it :)

10 July 2005

well that was fun

Nice evening out with friends, new and new but seem like old.

Drinks at nice pub, chat, laugh, drink, slur, giggle, drink, interesting urinals, drink, strange foam tandoori pigeon poo on the wall, laugh, drink, not nice pub, rude people, swig, stagger, lurch, laugh, drunken heart to hearts, drink, slump, laugh, pizza, talk, where did dil go, taxi, noyoucantwalkmehome, slate very late, roundandroundaroundabout, dizzy, nothisroadnotthatone, hereyeshere, thank you, hello, dirty stop out, giggle, yeah well, all black, mmmm.