29 September 2006

you are going to get so tired of this

Trainers managed to take me all the way round the lake this morning. I only needed to stop once for about 5 seconds to shout "MONTY".

Am trying to choose a charity to run for. I want to run for Oxfam but they have a largish initial contribution to get me started that I don't have but they're still my favourite. I have sent an email to Christian Aid to find out the deal there. The other charity I'd be interested in is Leukaemia Research. They have no minimum amount to raise but somehow, despite how close this is to my heart, I still feel that clean water for everyone is more important than anything.

28 September 2006

what a malarkey

my legs hurt
ma·lar·key also ma·lar·ky (m?-lär'k?) n. Slang.
Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive

27 September 2006

Back to Asics

Dunno if these are the actual ones I have but they look pretty much like this. Asics as recommended by Alimal. I was at the 4th shop before I found any women's running shoes that weren't by Nike. I actually told one assistant that I was 'outraged of milton keynes'. heh. Anyway, work and other sweat shops aside, I am rather chuffed with these little babies.

Chaussure Asics running GEL GT 2110

That is, I was impressed until I went running. I don't know whether I should take them back or not but I got about 3/4 of the way round the lake that I've been able to run round easily before and they stopped. They would only let me walk in them. I don't understand.

So I've done my first day of running. A pitiful 15 minutes but I've got til April right? And there's only Christmas standing between me and svelt athleticism. Piece of cake! (I mean......)

25 September 2006

mind control, mass hysteria and powers of suggestion

i might be about to agree to run the london marathon. and all because one of my team is doing it and asked me so nicely to join her. am i out of my mind?? my first question, quite shamefullly, was whether i would have to sacrifice eating blueberry muffins from the wild bean cafe. seriously, they are unrivalled. in second place i would vote the apple and cinnamon muffins at starbucks. also top ranking muffins come from a place called 'kooki'. I would always go for the raspberry and white chocolate there. now don't get me wrong, i'm not a fool for every muffin i see. the double chocolate muffin at M&S is a big disappointment. They used to do a fabulous lemon and white chocolate but it has been changed and honestly, it was a big time player on the muffin front. do you see why i was concerned about committing to a marathon?