29 September 2006

you are going to get so tired of this

Trainers managed to take me all the way round the lake this morning. I only needed to stop once for about 5 seconds to shout "MONTY".

Am trying to choose a charity to run for. I want to run for Oxfam but they have a largish initial contribution to get me started that I don't have but they're still my favourite. I have sent an email to Christian Aid to find out the deal there. The other charity I'd be interested in is Leukaemia Research. They have no minimum amount to raise but somehow, despite how close this is to my heart, I still feel that clean water for everyone is more important than anything.


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Im soooooo NOT going to get tierd of marathon talk! Well done you for actually doing this. I see you everyday and have probably told you already, but its a great thing you're doing! a)because the charities you're looking at are really worth while and b) because I get a running buddy-Woohooo! Bet u cant guess who i am?!!

kumquat said...

hmmm tricky, tricky... you see me every day?

are you the girl who sells me muffins?

alimal said...

I'm not going to get tired of it either - because I'm going to be running again too!! whoop! As of ext last night, I now have trainers that should correct my distinctly dodgy shin-splint-inducing running gait, and a training plan to helpme build up in a very sensible, non-alimal fashion... huzzah! here i come (watch me stagger)