15 January 2006

no wind up

No kidding, this book is incredible.

I've just had 3 days off work on the trot which is very rare and very welcome. I have slept, eaten and read. It's been absolute bliss. I'm over half way through Murakami's 'The Wind-up Bird Chronicle' and it's incredible.

I love my job, I really do but right now I'm feeling pretty cross that I have to spend my time working tomorrow when I could be sitting down and spending more hours with Toru Okada, Creta, Malta, May, the odious Noboru and Kumiko.

Let's be frank here. I've eaten Miso soup for the last two days because Murakami characters seem to be endlessly consuming the stuff. Yeah, that's pretty sad but it tastes great with enoki mushrooms and scallions dropped in!