15 December 2006

christmas visit. ho ho ho.

tomorrow (later today technically)
we have the M.D coming to visit.
no doubt he'll be happy
just to make small talk
and not get bogged down with details over
atv figures and
'this is meant to be an 'appy occassion,
let's not bicker over who killed who.'

14 December 2006

It's official.

I asked '82ASK' if my sister would like the cuddly bunny i've bought her for christmas and they replied that while they didn't know my sister, she probably would like it because, and i quote; "most girls like stuffed animals."

is there anything a phone can't do for you?

12 December 2006

The Rope Ladder

Hot on the heels of my last read, I have picked up another proof. I think this is a teen book and it's by Nigel Richardson. I'm 66 pages in and finding it really gripping. Just the kind of easy, exciting quick read I need at the moment.
(his first novel)
There really is so much good, quirky, well written teen lit out there.