11 February 2006

My best mate, alimal, is flying to Syria tomorrow!http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/
So this evening we ate indian take away together and played a silly board game. I lost. Very silly. She's off to see her sis and bro in law who live there. Very exciting. Wish I was accompanying her. But which sane person would give up the chance to sit on the M1 morning and evening in favour of flying to Arabia?
I'm going to miss her a lot even though she's only gone for 2 weeks.


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How cool is this picture by Digger? Just thought I'd nick it from her and promote her flickr site at the same time.

Clever girl.

10 February 2006

second second ment

looks like i's gunna be chucked outta the nest again for 6 weeks to help another branch. this is of course top secret so i've only potentially told the whole world by blogging it! soon as i'm allowed to talk about my life without fear i will fill in the details.

so the 2 days of fasttrack was fun and made me feel like thursday was monday. now i have a whole weekend off to veg out and read. rushdie's going well but i keep buying new things to read. another graphic novel by sacco, 'stuart: a life backwards' just because i happened to walk past the author and so i took the opportunity of getting him to write in the book for me and he drew a cute picture too.

bored of typing now. am going to celebrate weekend off by staying up late, after watching dr. strangelove with mini-me, to play inane computer games online.


8 February 2006

positively ancient

it's my birthday...oh actually, it just ended 18 minutes ago. drat.

anyway i had a super dooper time at a workshop on finance today. what better way to celebrate?

thankfully i had drinks out with one set of friends in london (where some rash confessions were made to me in front of lots of people by someone who i hope will wake up tomorrow morning and cringe with embarrassment).

then i had drinks out with a 2nd set of friends back home where they'd brought in a chocolate cake to the pub and had candles and all!!

lots more to say like a storm porch full of flowers and clay monsters but my birthday ended 21 minutes ago and i have another early train to catch in the morning. off to set my alarm for 6:15.

night night.

6 February 2006

tuesday evening

mole & JJ, if you were still thinking of coming down to london tomorrow evening....change of plan. hr can't get me a hotel so it's not going to happen. soz....