10 February 2006

second second ment

looks like i's gunna be chucked outta the nest again for 6 weeks to help another branch. this is of course top secret so i've only potentially told the whole world by blogging it! soon as i'm allowed to talk about my life without fear i will fill in the details.

so the 2 days of fasttrack was fun and made me feel like thursday was monday. now i have a whole weekend off to veg out and read. rushdie's going well but i keep buying new things to read. another graphic novel by sacco, 'stuart: a life backwards' just because i happened to walk past the author and so i took the opportunity of getting him to write in the book for me and he drew a cute picture too.

bored of typing now. am going to celebrate weekend off by staying up late, after watching dr. strangelove with mini-me, to play inane computer games online.


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