2 September 2005

Beautiful south

A couple of pleasant days in Bournemouth,
trying to get a weeks worth of sea & sun into
a couple of afternoons!

Got to swim in the sea,
run crazy round on the sandy with loopy lurcher here
& write embarrassing messages in the sand about mini me
liking barbie dolls. Ha ha ha. Such an easy wind up!!!
Had an amusing moment in a shop where i picked up the vilest looking
hair accessory, stuck it in my hair and went up to my sister in law to make her laugh. 'It really suits you' she says. 'Oh thanks a lot!' I reply, bothered that the pinkest, featheryest, ribboniest thing in the shop "suits me". Then I look in the mirror. The damn thing looks great. I end up buying it!

29 August 2005

Don't mention the (war) garden.

Still nothing done and the place looks like a WWI reenactment. The mortar was runny (day 1), runny (day 2) and a 2 tonne brick (day 3). Patience an increasingly rare commodity round these parts.