5 August 2006

cheddar part III

This photo needs no explanation.

cheddar part II

Rather chuffed with these 'thirds' pictures.
Amazing weather at Weston and a huge, empty beach to scamper round!

Managed to catch a bit of the sun on my pasty face making

me just a little frecklier!

cheddar part I

What a FAB three nights away. I could have stayed longer. The weather was mostly clement, the site was great, my pitch was perfect, the beach was enormous and I had a lot of fun. On the left you can see a quick snap of the gorge which is really stunning. It was the first place I thought of when I was deciding to go away for a bit. On the right you can see my pitch from the other side of the river. Next to all the bigg tents for grown ups my little two man tent was miniscule.

My pitch was right next to this pretty river. It was shallow enough for the hound to go in and drink and cool off and was teeming with little fish. On my first or second day there I saw a kingfisher zip down low across the water. There was a resident wren and a pair of collared dove creaking their wings late into the evening. Monty spent most of his time on the lookout for other dogs daring to be on holiday in the same location as him.

The best afternoons were spent on Weston-super-Mare beach. It was mostly overcast but warm. Monty turned loopy lurcher for hours leaping back from those very scary waves then running headlong into them to chase other dogs before he realised he was in up to his belly!