3 January 2013

A rambling post in which many subjects are touched upon

I am back in Wales, returned to Llanelli, in new digs and ready for the next step.
My new room is a good size and although the floor is covered with bags still, the most important job is done - books are the bookshelf!
Have had Minky returned to me after his trip to South Sudan, Uganda and Egypt over December.
Ate amazing Pizza at Verdi's and followed it up with 2 scoops of their famous ice-cream. 1 x apple crumble & 1 x praline pecan. Too happy-making!
Tears last night as Greta and I prayed about 2012-13 together.

More tears from nieces as they dropped me back here and had to leave.

2012 has been incredible in many ways. I have been particularly grateful for my travels to Greece, North Africa & Iceland. The move to Wales has also been hugely significant. The year has not been without its pains either.
2013, similarly, promises to be a year of travel, change, excitement and challenge that will be costly. But I am not journeying alone and there will be coffee

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