2 March 2007

4 days...

...until this

" The domain covers an area of 10,000 hectares which includes 248 km of linked pistes extending over an altitude range of 2,230m. The top station, Pic Blanc ( 3330m ) offers breathtaking views of the Alps including Mont Blanc, Mont Cervin and the Meije and on a clear day a fifth of France can be seen from this point.
The Alpe d'Huez slogan is L'ile au Soleil or Island of the Sun and this reputation is well deserved with almost all slopes south facing. The national meteorological office further confirms this with average figures of 300 sunshine days a year consisting of up to 7 1/2 per day in December and 11 per day in April.

28 February 2007

My Hero

TONY HARRISON is going to be reading in Cambridge to coincide with a newly released collection of his poems. I am beside myself with excitement. AND what's more, a rep promised me a finished copy today. You can keep your celebs and sports stars, TH rocks my world.

27 February 2007


Today I bought some splendid 'Fold and Mail Stationery'.
I am already the proud owner of Emily Fold and Mail
Something I have only ever seen at 311.
Pick your design and I will write you a hippy trippy peaceful message or a downright grouchy letter with attitude.

25 February 2007


The Enigma of Kasper Hauser.
Werner Herzog.


A most extraordinary film I watched last night. Real brain food about socialisation and a host of moral questions.