17 June 2006

quote of the night

last night cont'd/...

"...the novel is real it's not just a work of.....fiction"

(much laughter)

Last night was a lot of fun and thanks to Mrs B driving we got MreadB uproariously drunk. Three cheers for that lady. Many an inappropriate word was uttered regarding what you can smell on Saxon Way, what his nibs in the CO would do with the power of 'show emulator', the exquisite company of someone's sister, grass embedded in bracelets and what was nearly a leaving present but.....ANYway.....!!!

Today was a laugh a minute as you'd expect. Although there was one highpoint when Krispy Kremes gave out boxes of donoughts to anyone who works at c:mk.

Thank you for your comments Anon. Get yourself a nickname and join in!

16 June 2006

happy sad evening

some unknown drunk said to me at the bar 'paint my eyes and call me curly'.

another drunk said to me later in the evening:

"he has a body in his garden, he sent me a picture, she's got leaves all over her face"

i can't believe he's leaving. for the record, i'm gutted.

15 June 2006

close one

sinner to saint in 0.1 seconds.
crouch is a *£%"!$^& one minute and a legend the next.

something of a first

the first strawberry i've ever grown.
thanks for the plants JJ.
tasted great!

14 June 2006

stranger danger!!

Read the caption and look at the product...?!?!

Yeah cos you cadge a backie off one of these guys and they'll just put their foot down and who knows what will become of you.

13 June 2006

12 June 2006

power junky

I have been working on the whole world domination plan today and everything seems to be coming together nicely. 'obi wan' and i had a chat about my future in the rebel alliance and all looks well.
poxy film. you see how i have prostrated myself for the sake of an extended metaphor?

11 June 2006

la belle ball game (sans merci)

francophile i may be. french cricket star i am not. did i want to play rounders after that? no chance.

...not since the time i was playing rounders and someone threw a wellie at me instead of a ball and everyone laughed as i swung, terrified, at this huge black thing flying through the air at me.

but the therapy has been wonderful and i've got my uncontrollable fits of anger down to less than once a week now.

>twitch, twitch<