11 October 2013

It improved

Bus driver checking his phone as we go along a dual carriageway.

Dead rat on the pavement.

Group of 6 young lads pulling things out of my bag, trying to grab stuff from my friends hands, going for my purse, shouting then kicking front door.


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Run of the mill

Learning two words in class today that don't exist in English, have very complex rules for when they are used, explained by a teacher who only speaks Arabic and Spanish

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7 October 2013

Tales of the unexpected

Remembering to shut the windows to a) keep out the heat b) stop the sand coming in and getting into your electrical goods

Having a neighbour explain how to remove the air bubbles from your water system every morning while you're more interested in the little lizard you've just caught in your stairwell

Having your homestay family tell your mate that the song about God being great is the one you always sing in the shower

Having a fan on all night but still tumble drying your clothes

Brushing your teeth in bottled water

Looking perplexed when someone asks for a plate with their meal

Starting a sentence in one language and finishing it in another

Having the cat drink the water you were planning on using for your paints

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