18 February 2006

party hair

Went to an engagement party this evening. Some mates of Mr K I didn't know very well. I wore a very expensive skirt and made up some party hair for the occassion. It turned out to be a very exciting party if you knew everyone there. I knew Mr K and mini-me. Plus a handful of other acquaintances. After a couple of hours of playing invisible drawing games on the paper table cloths with mini-me we ordered a taxi home. AND what do you think happens the moment the taxi arrives? They start up a chocolate fountain. Sorry but all sensibilites went out the window at that point. I was front of the queue slurping up chocolate and marshmallows while carrying out a somewhat muffled-mouth-ful conversation with Mr K. -The taxi's here - I know - the taxi's here - yeah but have you seen - yes i know but the taxi... - yeah yeah look, can we have one of these? - no, the taxi's here - scoffscoffscoff.

15 February 2006

out there

essentially the great outdoors ain't a place for this girl but this afternoon i did this cool thing with masonry nails and wire in the back garden so my new passiflora can have somewhere to climb. sometime soon i'll get round to doing the same on the other wall so the purple droopy headed clematis can do the same thing.


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A Christmas present from my sister that I finally allowed myself to eat today.


have just found out about kickRSS so have subtly themed this post for you all! hee hee.

14 February 2006

14 FEB

i got a flower for my bud pot!! plucked by my own fair hand off ebay and paid for by the fair hand of mr k :)

12 February 2006

olney wine bar

is a good place to while away a couple of hours with an old mate you haven't seen since uni.