18 February 2006

party hair

Went to an engagement party this evening. Some mates of Mr K I didn't know very well. I wore a very expensive skirt and made up some party hair for the occassion. It turned out to be a very exciting party if you knew everyone there. I knew Mr K and mini-me. Plus a handful of other acquaintances. After a couple of hours of playing invisible drawing games on the paper table cloths with mini-me we ordered a taxi home. AND what do you think happens the moment the taxi arrives? They start up a chocolate fountain. Sorry but all sensibilites went out the window at that point. I was front of the queue slurping up chocolate and marshmallows while carrying out a somewhat muffled-mouth-ful conversation with Mr K. -The taxi's here - I know - the taxi's here - yeah but have you seen - yes i know but the taxi... - yeah yeah look, can we have one of these? - no, the taxi's here - scoffscoffscoff.

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