19 November 2005

seems i stole my own thunder

have practically no recollection of having blogged last night. to be honest i thought i'd dreampt that or it feels like something i wrote months ago and only partially remember doing. YIKES! That's a new experience for me!

So anyway, it was a splendid evening. Hope I didn't spoil an otherwise all male evening of intoxicated ribaldry.

Remind me Mole when the gig is next weekend. Friday or Saturday? Also, remind me for the nth time what your mate is called. The one who always thinks he's never met me and has the welded together dog you hate. He was very sweet last night talking to me about his family.

Also, remember the 27th January or whichever Thursday is closest to that. No pressure to let me know, just a reminder in case the mention of it last night got washed away by our starry friend, Stella.

All good fun.

18 November 2005


lovely evening mole. am very drunk. dil beautiful. hee hee. fun fun. you and jj very good mates. see you and the smalls soon. xxx