2 August 2009

mini adventure

me and the dogbert en route for adventure
So, the rain stopped long enough for Alimal and me to put up my modest little affair of a tent.

2 hours.

with help.

This tent didn't come with instructions so we had to fall back on our impeccable logical thinking, rational explanations and ultimately 2 blokes from a nearby tent.

Thought they deserved some recognition for their effort! Mind you we had been working on it for about an hour and a half before they offered to help! Once they'd finished one of them commented about the size of that they knew where to come for their evening's entertainment, then added, I feel somewhat unnecessarily, that we'd offered quite some entertainment already!

Now I knew it was an 8 berth tent before leaving but
with clouds threatening and no
instructions I rapidly became aware that this parachute sized piece of material was going to be a monster. We dubbed it the marquee.

We had a great evening eating a French paced meal with one mess tin over a single stove.


Balsamic tomato and red pepper salad served with homegrown,
freshly cut basil and mint.

First Course

Prime sausage and onions

Second Course

Fried eggs with runny centres

All served with an excelled Ogio red.

Service compris.

Spent the evening playing 'would you rather', finishing off the wine and catching up on how we are both doing.

The night, for me, was equally 'entertaining'. At 1 am, Monty needed to get up and go out. At 4 am, Monty needed to get up and go out. At some time after that he started throwing up in the inside of my pod. It looked like carnage in the morning but the clever chap had done most of it on his bedroll so that just went in the bin!

Breakfast was something of an event. Having bought way too much to eat in one evening we set up the barbeque and had chicken kebabs, salmon steaks and sea salt, asparagus and the last egg.
I think everyone should start their day like this.
Taking down the tent was a doddle so we bundled it all up, threw it in the car and made it to church (some of us with more mud on our legs than others) for 10:45.