18 April 2012

Why take it easy when you can rush?

Jo and I went away for a few days chill time and we had everything timed to perfection.

We got to the airport and browsed the one shop that is there in Laayoune airport. I bought a necklace and a couple of silver rings - that a week later are now clearly not silver - then ambled out to discover that everyone had boarded and we were the last ones through the gates.

Later at the train station in Rabat, we arrived with an hour and a half to spare so stopped for some lunch in the cafe overlooking the train tracks. On the way out of the cafe, I noticed that we had three minutes to run for the train and it was already on the platform as we threw ourselves on board.

Later at the port, we got stuck for two hours with bad weather. We could see our ferry a few hundred yards out but it was unable to dock because of high winds. After playing cards and buying unappetising biscuits from a vending machine, people began to queue. Jo pushed her way to the front while I did the English thing and said it would be fine to wait. Jo then beckoned me forward, fast, to get on the sh;uttle bus to the boat because the queue was for the later ferry. We were last on the bus.

Later at the bus station, with an hour and 50 minutes wait, we sat and had coffee and played Rummikub in the cafe while we waited. Engrossed in what we were doing, we got to our bus after everyone else was ready to go. Last on again!