27 August 2005

It's a dog-eat-chocolate-drop world

today I took Monty out for a long walk and watched him outrace every other hound at the marina. I also spent a long time lavishing him with attention. Chocolate drops seems to be the way forward for housetraining purposes.

After the horrifying discovery that our son had never heard of the A-team, despite our repeated and frankly tiresome prompts with the theme music, we borrowed some old editions from a mate and gave the boy an education.

The building work in the garden did not take place as planned today because the mortar was too runny and will have to wait til tomorrow.

25 August 2005


Monty went a.w.o.l this morning after *someone* accidentally left the front door open. 2 hours later we got him back. grief! live and learn eh?

24 August 2005

New family member!

Introducing MONTY!!
We picked up this beautiful lurcher X from a rescue home
today. With more bounce than the average hound, Monty is
part of our family now :)
His foster home thought he may be crossed with Pharaoh's Hound -->
but he definitely has lurcher lines to him -->
So far he seems very friendly, very quiet but very bouncy!

23 August 2005

Had a fun trip out to a local maze. Small but still very
easy to get completely lost in!

Of course, smarty pants here gets to the middle first
and has to give me directions!

In the afternoon I loitered round the Reclamation Yard in
the hope of happening across a lost national treasure. This
monstrosity made for an interesting second best.

Am now sated on the fruits of someone else's hard work; rhubarb
crumble from the allotment. Cheers JJ.

22 August 2005

Yah boo

This is where we ain't going...

...cos Mr K is too ill to travel.


Due to go away the day after tomorrow but another
sudden hospital trip last night meant I had to cancel.