11 August 2006

things i wish i could say (join in!)

out of print means you'll only get it by tomorrow if i sit up all night copying it out by hand and my customer services don't stretch that far.

i think the word you are looking for is thank you.

so go to the competition, we'll probably buy them for christmas anyway.

you really are very stupid aren't you.

come back when you know what the hell you want.

ooh let me think, it's blue you say, well naturally our products are colour coded, primary colours upstairs.

don't look at me like i just work behind a till, you're the one buying dan brown.

10 August 2006

new tattoo.

Hopefully clicking on the picture will show it off better.

8 August 2006

trial by fire

4-10 init, 11+ init, 4-10 non-init, 11+ non-init taken care of.

Now working on 1-3 from 06 + 05 acad. rpts.

4 screens

ph*x 1: isbn search
ph*x 2: gp coding by acad sub dept
ph*x 3: running exp order
bkdata: checking new eds, OP, UC, RP etc

line by line. like rolling a stone to the top of a hill, watching it roll down the other side then going back down and pushing it back up again. did someone do that already?!

customer comment

Are all your books in here the same price?