10 June 2006

Summer soiree

Just back in from the soiree which was unbelieveable! Fantastic hog roast with some incredible salads I'd never heard of before, bar, coffee machine etc
And two sessions of an auction of promises to raise money for charity. I made a few bids but was waay out of my league! I bid on the whiskey tasting evening for 8 people but I think it went for about £200 in the end. Similarly the 3 course dinner party delivered to the door, box of home made cookies, swim party including barbeque, setting up a website with 6 months maintenance, weekend holiday in Devon, trampolining lessons, portraits...wow, the list goes on. People were really generous with their promises. (language tuition sessions, babysitting, cleaning & ironing, lifts to the airport, golf lesson, fashion consultancy with free lunch...) A group of us clubbed together to get a session at a 'high ropes' activity centre in Irthlingborough so I can't waaiit for that! They must have raised thousands to help the homeless.
One of the best evenings I've had for a very long time. The place was decorated fabulously. Great big stands with twisted branches tied to them full of lights and ribbons, huge drapes with original prints covering the walls. Stunning.

not a football free site

yesterday i picked out japan and ARGENTINA from the work world cup sweep stake. c:mk are showing matches on a big screen directly outside work which is good i suppose...but it makes the whole world cup thing even more frustrating because i can see 2/3 of what is going on because of a pillar in the way. i do like my footie and i will scream with the best of them when we score but i can't drink in the middle of the day when it's boiling hot outside so i'm going to be ordering pints of orange juice and lemonade at the bar when everyone else is throwing down pints like mad dogs and englishmen.

9 June 2006

planet earth is beautiful

I took these pictures on the way to and from work today.

i had 0141439564 of my 0752877607 but it seems 0385605870 has caused enormous 0099592312 and is making me 0340837098.

6 June 2006


bubbling substance!

had a call from 216 today asking me if they could shut because there were only 2 of them there. pft...fat chance! bricks without straw mate. (evil cackle)

and while i'm on the phone i get regailed with an event hitting the Bedford headlines. there is a barrel of "bubbling substance" out the back that the police have cordoned off and are thinking of blowing up. now to my mind, blowing up something that bubbles is just gunna cause a nasty case of splash back but what do i know?!

4 June 2006

place your bets!! huge prizes not at stake!!

ok so i nicked the idea from auster. thanks for the management training, work, it didn't go to waste. we are effectively "networking" some fabulously cheesy blog ideas from each other. guess the titles.

medication for meditation


beware the evils of piriton! i have been incapacitated all day after taking my first hayfever tablet of the season which is weird cos i took them last year and was fine with them.
if you saw me at the back of church this morning with my head back, tongue lolling out indecently, sending up zeds, i was in fact in a deeper level of meditation that you can ever hope to achieve. went to bed this afternoon for about 3 hours. managed to drag myself to a barbeque this afternoon still feeling pretty spaced. am now back to sneezing merrily and can focus on the screen again. all is not lost, me and my computer are reunited.