15 August 2006

quote of the day

"Do you know if Audrey Hepburn has done any other books apart from 'The Time Traveller's Wife'?"

14 August 2006

Laugh if you will...

Laugh if you will but I have discovered the delights of Edith Piaf. Two cd's at 97p each from Tesco have given me 30+ of her tracks without resorting to the obvious 'Je ne regrette rien'.

'La vie en Rose' has a most wonderful tune and Edith's voice is stunning whether or not you understand the French.

She has a look that is indisputably French and of the 30's & 40's that I love. Closing my eyes I can imagine the music is coming out of a bakelite wireless in an inter-war Parisien kitchen...
48 hours and I'll be back in her pays de naissance avec mes reves d'habiter encore au pays qui me manque depuis des annees.

13 August 2006