6 January 2007

who brought him up?

Having a conversation down in Shoeburyness today with a friend who has started teaching. Deep into the conversation on how film adaptations can be used to make Shakesperian texts more accessible, mini-me turns to me and says " Is that what dumbing down is?"

5 January 2007

Shall we pretend you didn't just say that?

"I want to see Miss Potter"
"What's that about"
"Beatrix Potter"
"Oh yes, of course"
"Apparantly the animals come to life and talk to her"
"But that didn't actually happen did it?"

4 January 2007

he dunnit

Went to a murder mystery party this evening with 'small group'. Dazzler stole the show with his Yorkshire accent and double entendres all evening! But an honourable mention to Marcus with his petulant hand flapping at the possibility of getting blood on his hands. Few could beat the dance moves of Reeda or the moving spectacle of resident mad woman spiralling back down into psychosis. Emmanuel's chest hair, waxed moustache and penchant for red dresses won't be forgotten in a hurry. Good to see a hair spray revival from the costume department and find out that the host was guilty of more than just smoking a snowman's pipe!

2 January 2007

New Year, Old Me

Back to my pre-Christmas running today. Ran 3.2 miles / 5K round Willen Lakes with Jem. It felt like twice that after a season of record breaking choccie stuffing and I still have heart burn but we did it!!!

The bad news is that;
http://www.justgiving.com/marathonjoy but it's still a substantial goal to go for.

And now for an evening in with mini-me watching my Christmas Present;
http://www.jvw.nl/images/Planet%20Earth%20DVD.jpg !

Happy New Year Y'All.