2 January 2007

New Year, Old Me

Back to my pre-Christmas running today. Ran 3.2 miles / 5K round Willen Lakes with Jem. It felt like twice that after a season of record breaking choccie stuffing and I still have heart burn but we did it!!!

The bad news is that;
http://www.justgiving.com/marathonjoy but it's still a substantial goal to go for.

And now for an evening in with mini-me watching my Christmas Present;
http://www.jvw.nl/images/Planet%20Earth%20DVD.jpg !

Happy New Year Y'All.


alimal said...

indeed, your jo wiley spot is impressive... did i mention i spent newyear dancing on a bar with Sam out of Eastenders and 'celebrity fame academy' ?!

blueduck said...

i got planet earth for christmas too!!! cool isn't it!

kumquat said...

yes alimal you told me. sadly, having not seen an entire episode in my life, i cannot be too excited as it means nothing to me but hey....dancing with a celeb isn't bad going!! welcome back. when the HELL am i going to see you???

yes blueduck, it ROCKS my world.

Josh said...

Well Done on your cooking - and especially well done on steering Louise on a cook book present choice! I was in the Guardian cooking yesterday - pictures and everything. I was going to cook today but it got late and i was in the pub so curry won.

I have a Christmas Card for you in my office - note to self - get addresses BEFORE christmas in the furture...

Happy New Year!

kumquat said...

You did one better than me then Josh. I didn't even write them. Not a single one.