29 December 2006


Guess who my first customer of the day was today?

Jo Wiley.

Pretty cool huh?

Image:Jo Whiley2.jpg

I kept looking at her thinking, blimey you look like Jo Wiley but what are the chances of her coming into my shop to buy a couple of books for her kids. Afterwards I made the ridiculous suggestion to my colleague who replied 'oh yeah, it probably was, she comes in all the time, she only lives up the road.' I was pleased I'd just smiled pleasantly and had her respond with a smile I can now interpret as 'uh huh, you clocked me but you're not going hysterical which is nice.' I was even more pleased I hadn't taken the 'oh wow, you really look like Jo Wiley, do you get that much? do you? do you? it's uncanny. of course you're not Jo Wiley that would be ridiculous but wow, you look like her' line.


Liam said...

Who's Jo Wiley?

kumquat said...

Are you serious??

Radio 1 DJ.

Liam said...

Yes I was. I have since found out she's some sort of DJ. Never listen to Radio 1 - and haven't done so (apart from the occassional visit to Peel Acres) for 20 odd years.