21 December 2013

Reverse culture shock

I can't really claim to have been away long enough to be experiencing reverse culture shock. I have, however, been surprised at my heightened awareness of normal life experiences in the UK since returning;

Brushing my teeth with tap water

Overhearing people talking in English

Eating a meal with a fork, rather than fingers

Pavements you can walk on

Getting into a taxi with £2.40 already on the clock

Toilet paper as standard!!

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Cereal nights

Everyone knows a bowl of cereal for dinner at quarter past eleven p.m cancels out a day of eating junk food, right?

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17 December 2013

Day 2 in town

The fox socks were reunited for two days in London!

We found more quirky joints to hang out, drink coffee, eat cake and chew the cud in Angel

Later we continued making a dent in the Christmas shopping (not at the Sainsbury's in the background!!)

then upped yesterday's wood pigeon and quail with elk in Kensington.

Not too shabby

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16 December 2013

Down to the smoke

Cake I didn't have but looked spectacular.

Thank you Hummingbird Bakery, South Ken.

Then on to a place I've wanted to go to for years!!! MOMO!

I don't think it's too hard to see why

Fabulous lighting casting Moroccan patterns everywhere

Wood pigeon Pastilla (not had wood pigeon before)

And the Momo grill with another first; roast honey quail

Grand day out with Sarah :)

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