23 March 2013

Operation Ske-dawdle

What a crackin' day out. My mate and I took the train up to Tenby this morning as I'd never been before and an escape day was needed.

It's a beautiful seaside town even with biting winds and no sun! We walked down to the beach and along to the renovated visitor area at the RNLI.

A pub lunch then a walk round the town. We found a cool little cave on the beach that sheltered us from the wind.

Watched the sea for a while then ambled back into town. Window shopped & took in some art.

From Tenby we took the train about half way back and got off in Carmarthen. Coffee and cake, cocktails then dinner out before heading home.

Must research exact measures for Amaretto Sours. Beautiful!

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22 March 2013

Egg roulette

Enjoying an interesting game at 'youth' that pretty much involved people smashing eggs on other people's foreheads. The roulette part is whether the egg is raw or hard-boiled..!

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Elaine's visit

On our own little planet, we walked the 5 or so miles up to Burry Port

checked out the port, ate chips

and got a little 2 carriage train back along the edge of the bay to Llanelli. Very pretty.

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The maddest thing I've ever been told?

Surely this is the maddest? For reasons of Christian charity alone, I am going to protect the identity of the guilty but...

... I was recently told that the spirit of my dead husband had been living vicariously through me for the last 4 years because he hadn't realised he had died.

This wasn't said by anyone you know or anyone I will ever see again!

In other news, I learnt the text symbol for 'monkey' and I think this will serve me better in life than anything else in this post;


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