3 November 2005

) wanna meet up some time?
( yeah sure, where d'you fancy?
] oxford?
[ sounds good to me.

tomorrow i'm going to be shown round some of the coolest locations in oxford by a girl who boasts the epithet of being as bright as her shoes.

today was surprisingly good considering I went to a funeral. don't take me for an entirely heartless wench but even though the day was solemn, it was really good to see people and chat about allsorts.

This evening we watched a very odd film. Kung Fu Hustle, I think it was called. Some very random stuffing going on there but funny as well.

2 November 2005

1 November 2005

against my better judgment

this is how it begins:

"The circle of black paving slabs lay at his feet, flat and glossy after the recent shock of rain. His rough blonde hair still held the painstaking look of careless coiffure. In his left hand dangled a cocktail glass and spilling out of his pockets were Imogen’s tights and the damp contents of a discharged party popper."

30 October 2005

Gruffalo at work!!

following instructions on keeping posts cheerful;

2 days to nano.

the cat that left came back again.

i'm making jamie oliver meatballs for dinner.

the house smells of garlic.

i have a new jumper and necklace.

we kicked budget ass over the weekend.

i have new pillows.

i'm meeting 'digger' in oggsford this week. (small BDO)