27 June 2014

Hope does not equal naivety

Something rose up in me last night when discussing the business I want to get going here in the desert. I was told it would be long and difficult and frustrating. I knew it was logical, likely and pragmatic but it didn't sit comfortably. I often find myself disagreeing with the obvious. Is this naivety on my part to think that my path could be smooth when others with more experience and know-how have struggled ? Is this the kind of blind optimism, like Tobias F√ľnke in Arrested Development who describes a doomed plan as having always failed for others but; 'it might just work for us'?

Perhaps it will be exactly as it has been for others. Red tape, jumping through hoops, everything in triplicate, months of waiting, hurdles at every step... If so, then I will accept that this is his will but I don't want to start with an expectation of unavoidable struggle and discouragement.

It took me a few hours to come up with a statement that expresses an acceptance of God's will, an open-eyed understanding of circumstances and a belief that my path shouldn't be overshadowed with fear before I take a first step.

I will accept whatever circumstances The Lord allows me to go through but I refuse to define my expectations by the disappointments of others.

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On courage

Today i am thinking about all my friends who have told me I am brave to decide to move to Africa...

....as I courageously marinade cheap, fresh tuna in mustard, soy sauce and oil

...as I, with no thought to my personal safety, cover huge chunks of turkey filet in home-made sticky satay sauce

...for our barbecue on the beach with local friends later this afternoon.

This is courage.
This is altruism.
This is commitment to language learning.

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