7 July 2009

living vicariously

This evening I sat and indulged myself in the finer things of life. A chinese take-away and 3 hours of Palin. Have had 'Full Circle' on my shelf for quite a while before getting it down and it is gripping. His mix of absolutely English, comic and explorer make him an impeccable ambassador for Blighty.
Of course, watching him only serves to lengthen my 'must go to' list which is doomed never to be completed.
Current musts are;

* Japan in spring bloom
* A tour of west coast America
* Trans-Siberian railway
* The remaining countries in Europe I haven't yet visited
* St Petersburg
* Egypt

By the end of the year I will have been to 15 European countries and added another continent to the list.

...which reminds me, I have innoculations at 8:30 tomorrow morning for Latvia. MUSTN'T forget.

6 July 2009

couldn't get this bally photo to save after rotating butwhat a cutie eh? this is me holding Dave. he rocks. completely get why c.n is probably spending every waking moment gazing into his little round eyes...although you'd have thought we would have learnt our lesson spending time with reptiles. so far Dave hasn't tried getting us to eat forbidden fruit.

my heart belongs to dave

This is Dave. He's a Chinese Water Dragon and I wish he were mine. He's very cool. He has millions of tiny scales all different colours and Catherine is lucky enough to own him.