7 January 2006

March of the Penguins

A really beautiful film.

Incredible photography, humour and a jaw-dropping

fight against the odds. Just gorgeous.


so there goes another 'have i got news for you' participant down into the mires of ignominy.

4 January 2006

brainiac update

news in brief:

he has to have another scan in feb to see if the tumor has grown. nothing was said about if it hadn't grown but if it has, he'll have to go for a biopsy and then maybe radiotherapy. if he has to have a biopsy, he won't be able to drive for 2 years afterwards nor will he be allowed to fly. something of a problem as he drives all the time for work. however if it hasn't grown then i'm guessing that nothing will be done apart from intermittent scans to monitor its structure but that's conjecture on my part.

for those of you who've read mcewan's 'saturday', the neurosurgeon we saw today was just like Perowne! exactly the kind of look and demeanor his character i had in mind as i read :)


this has to be the best christmas present i got.

i have just smoothied up a banana, four rings of pineapple and a splash of milk. i feel as full as an egg and as guilty as if i'd eaten cake for breakfast but it was just fruit and semi skimmed milk.

2 January 2006


Had a fab party at Mole's house. They hadn't invited anyone according to mrs mole and yet the place was heaving with people. that's what happens when you're fab company. x's to you all.
You have a lovely bunch of friends Mole. One of them said to me; "Alone at last" when we were momentarily in the kitchen with no-one else about. Guess who!!Another guest described me as a 'delicious creature' and insisted on kissing me twice!! Guess who!! Someone else I've never spoken to said "You've got a blog haven't you?" Guess who!
I got to have a good talk with a load of folks I've met in passing and the home-made quiche and potato salad was outstandingly good. I think you should have parties more often!!

A very happy new year to you and the small critters upstairs who slept through our pandemonium!