2 January 2006


Had a fab party at Mole's house. They hadn't invited anyone according to mrs mole and yet the place was heaving with people. that's what happens when you're fab company. x's to you all.
You have a lovely bunch of friends Mole. One of them said to me; "Alone at last" when we were momentarily in the kitchen with no-one else about. Guess who!!Another guest described me as a 'delicious creature' and insisted on kissing me twice!! Guess who!! Someone else I've never spoken to said "You've got a blog haven't you?" Guess who!
I got to have a good talk with a load of folks I've met in passing and the home-made quiche and potato salad was outstandingly good. I think you should have parties more often!!

A very happy new year to you and the small critters upstairs who slept through our pandemonium!

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alimal said...

howdy. check your IM :)