30 December 2005


so mole, what time are we expected to your low key, sober little get together on saturday evening?

mini me will not be with us as he has gone bunburying.

a bientot


Mole said...

8.00 would be fine. See you later!

alimal said...

guess what?!?!?!?

alimal said...

ah what a disappointment! - not only was I hoping for you to serenade my balcony as you left mole's, but i came to your blog for a bit of last night's late night rambling... which i hoped might look somthing like this:

"hippy now yeeeeeeer! i's bak from moooles hee hee itwas SUPEEr - saw some CHampane and pEOPle ,too"

...and so on :) ah well, maybe i'll catch the tail end of the moring after - gimmie a shout if you walk the mutt xx

Mole said...

ooooh. Sore head. I only survived waking up by the Grace of Our Lady of Nurofen.

Breakfast for the children at 0800 was a challenge. I had an attack of the vapours at 1000 and had to go back to bed for two hours. Lovely to see you both. See you at end of Jan if not before. M. x

kumquat said...

computer has been saying no for the last few days so am typing from the MIL's, hence delay in responding.

guess what alimal??? tell me!!

the party was great thanks Mole :) I actually didn't drink a great deal so felt fine when i woke up - granted that was 1pm the next afternoon!!