20 April 2006


3 days, 3 pounds.

18 April 2006

confession session

A friend of mine admitted on his blog that he had spent 3 hours over the Easter weekend making a spreadsheet collating the information of all the book reviews in the nationals. It brought to mind a sordid little nugget of information I feel brave enough to confess now. I responded thus to his blog:

I'm delighted to hear about your entirely geeky 3 hours spent making a
spreadsheet on book reviews! It gives me the confidence to admit that I once
made a power point presentation on Ruskin just for the fun of collecting the
information and creating a teaching aid. I only ever told two other people. One
smiled nicely and the other laughed me out of town and teased me for months

Has anyone else out there done anything geeky they'd like to admit to?

17 April 2006

Bank Holiday

What did you do on your bank holiday? I spent mine at Huntingdon Racecourse giving away my money to the nice lady at the Tote stall.

16 April 2006

Christ is risen...

...Happy Yeaster.

Just back from church and hoping that isn't blasphemous.

As you know, I'm on holiday now for 2 glorious weeks. I am going to use this time to become half the woman I was. Yes, in two weeks I am going to have lost TWO STONE. Essentially that means losing 2 pounds per day...and I have a 12 hour party to go to later this afternoon.