20 May 2006

best of time, worst of times

mr k's uncle died this week from an almost identical tumour to the one his father died of two years ago
mr k's cousin has been told, after recovering very well from an operation to remove a cancerous tumour on his kidney, that he has a very rare form of cancer to which there is no cure and there is nothing else the medical profession can offer him
tomorrow, i have my friend doublevision from canada coming to stay overnight and hang out with us for a while. really excited about seeing him and having him in our home.
i am on two days off before the new job starts and am looking forward to making a big meal for 8 of us tomorrow night.
i spent far too much on more new books today but i can look forward to some penguin epics, new david mitchell and more cooking with gordon.
i have made a stack of new mates at my new church and it feels very exciting to be with people who go out of their way to make you feel part of the group.
AND NOW i'm going to bed with the astringent fumes of floor varnish wafting up from downstairs. i should have vivid dreams tonight.

19 May 2006


had a house mixed salad and tagliatelle crema at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~vilarosa/index.htm Very good. Shame their website hasn't been updated for nearly 8 years!!

15 May 2006

travelling wilberry

have start date for new location. a week tomorrow. should be interesting.


"My girlfriend doesn't really drink very much. Only when I go down to see her."

(The Boy Wonder)