19 January 2007

red-crested pochard

Saw one of these as I ran.

half marathon? ha ha ha. oh my aching sides.

Ran 3.1 miles with stops. Rubbish.

16 January 2007

tuesday's with me

writer's group yesterday, which i think ought to be given a literary name like lawrence or arnold or something, was really good but i so hadn't put in the effort beforehand. all that has changed. sat for my whole lunch time making plot notes. would having lots of stuff going on be the same as having a plot? not convinced!

K left MK today :( will miss her good humour and bad language.

15 January 2007

writers group

nicely nicely how are you yes i'm fine oh let me tell you about oh is that right how interesting no it's awful not me you your work do it again lots of red ink good good good BAD no no do that again call yourself a writer ha more drinks oh yes thank you and you oh yes please ha ha ha rocket on a monorail genius so anyway it's great i'm only jealous oh yes you've finished well we didn't like you anyway glug glug nice more oh ok so where did they find the head in the end the arm was where slurp where are the pictures on the wall no in my head oh i see more geeky than linux don't get me started on my unix joke so she was picking up her own teeth how about chips don'[t tempt me yes a portion please walk taxi key lock dog computer bed.