16 September 2006

ethical question of the lowest order


Should I blog an extract from someone's application form? I'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble if I was caught. However, it is staggeringly funny. I am horribly torn. I'm a shameless tart for getting a laugh but should a booksellers equivalent of the hypocratic oath override my urge to tell you how someone answered; 'Describe a time when you have worked as part of a team. What was your part in its success.'

Would it sway your decision if I told you it involved mice?

13 September 2006

what's the verdict?

Went to the hairdressers on the spur of the moment and had about a foot taken off my hair!

11 September 2006

concert pianist or thug? choices, choices!

This evening I joined in with Bedford Film Society and watched what has to be the most awkwardly translated title of 'The Beat that my Heart Skipped'. I think it may be better translated as 'The Beat that Stopped my Heart' but anyway....

...twas a diverting evening and full of everything that you'd expect from a french film - sex, revenge, adultery and two hours of achingly beautiful Bach piano pieces.


we ate like gods.
clam chowder soup with potato shavings
steamed chicken, bacon and tarragon pudding
creme brulee with redcurrants
found this gorgeous, sumptuous place in the foodie guide
and it really is worth the drive wherever you live!