28 July 2006


i have been munched by some evil parasitic low lifes and i now look like an illustration from a medical journal.

colours of summer

colours of summer
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A photo from an e.friend's flickr site. thought this was worth sharing. i'm a sucker for great colours and pattern.

26 July 2006

Strange light

This evening, just before the lightning started there was an eerie pink/yellow light and some stunning clouds that i just had to stand on my wall and snap.

25 July 2006

releasing my inner mutant

Mutant, cannibal and narcissist.
Only some of the gems that didn't make it to my c.v.

24 July 2006

Audi pardner

You've heard of road rage, now I bring you road flirt!! Does this exist already or did I just witness a first.

I'm driving home and this TT behind me gives a tiny flash. I wonder if he thinks I'm not going fast enough. Unlikely. A mile or so further on he flashes and I look in the mirror to see him waving at me. I only know one person with a TT and it really doesn't look like them, I assume they must have mistaken me. He flashes again. So I wave back and give an exaggerated shrug to indicate I don't know who he is. He then waves some more and playfully indicates leftrightleftrightleft. I turn my hazards on and off cos I figure I might as well have a bit of fun on the way home from work. He toots. I give the royal wave out the window. He flashes his lights. I slow right down and spray water from my screen all over his car then accelerate. I can tell he's having fun messing around and I'm laughing too but wondering who on earth this guy is. Anyway, this goes on for about 5 miles then when we get to Bedford, I turn left at the round about toward the retail park and he goes straight ahead down the bypass, giving me a wave...

I'm just laughing a lot at this point and wondering if he takes that route home regularly.

I'm just heading up past the retail park and beyond the railway bridge when who should come shooting past the other way but the guy in the TT! He's obviously bombed up the bypass, come off at the next exit and torn round to come past me the other way. He's flashing and waving and I'm just creasing up!

Of course I'm intrigued and hoping I might see this mystery man tomorrow!! He has a distinctive registration plate so I will keep an eye out when I park from now on.

If any of you know anything about this you have to tell me!!!

23 July 2006


Madeleine had a fun day out at Santa Pod but has been pestering me for her own jet engine since we got back.

No can do. People waiting behind us at the lights might complain.

I got very jealous of some beautiful new bugs,

some fabulous restored bugs

and some golden oldies...

There was no shortage of the quirky, groovy and plain show off!

I have so many more pics than these but I have to stop blogging at some point this evening. Anyway, in brief, it was a fantastic day and I never thought I could get so stoked on cars. To be fair, I didn't think it possible for a bug to shoot 20 foot of flames and be out of sight in 6 seconds.