23 July 2006


Madeleine had a fun day out at Santa Pod but has been pestering me for her own jet engine since we got back.

No can do. People waiting behind us at the lights might complain.

I got very jealous of some beautiful new bugs,

some fabulous restored bugs

and some golden oldies...

There was no shortage of the quirky, groovy and plain show off!

I have so many more pics than these but I have to stop blogging at some point this evening. Anyway, in brief, it was a fantastic day and I never thought I could get so stoked on cars. To be fair, I didn't think it possible for a bug to shoot 20 foot of flames and be out of sight in 6 seconds.

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phillie said...

I hope you took ear plugs! I went to the drag racing championships at Santa Pod in May and it weren't half noisy. Not to mention misty, especially wheen everyone stood in the pit at the foot of the strip to get blasted with smoke. It weren't half fun though!