5 October 2012

Mr Lovell

Fate has willed that I, a mild-manner, non-combative and softly-spoke individual, should be suffered to patiently bear with the cruel words and unjustified taunts of one David Lovell.

This curious boy still carries around a cuddly toy pig, talks about little kittens yet thinks I am fair game for the butt of his childish jokes and puerile sense of humour.

(David sucking his thumb)

He has picked a fight with my toy monkey, further demonstrating the infantile machinations of his mind.

(David laughing with the decorum of a gibbon)

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3 October 2012

Wise Monkey

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1 October 2012

Imagine a sandwich...

...3 foot deep full of lots of great things you love as well as new flavours. You have to try everything and that means eating the lot. It's great and you feel spoilt but it's just. so. much!