5 May 2006

2 hours!

The interview lasted 2 hours in a tiny room with 2 interviewers and a temperature beyond legal working conditions! It was a tough one that made me very glad I'd done my prep, albeit having been completed in the car on the way there.
I find out on Monday if I have the job or not. I am really very keen to get this one. I was pretty pleased with how I performed so even if I don't get it I'm satisfied with how I did on the day. Though of course they'd be fools not to give me the job.
For those of you not in the know, the position is for assistant manager (wot i am now), in the same company but at a bigger store with lots more exciting things going on. Like people buying books. I worked at this branch last year for 5 months in a lower position. It was an altogether excellent experience so I'm dying to get the AM job there. I now know there's only one other person going for this job and she's pretty good too so it's no walk over.
Now let this be our little secret. I think I said before that I ran into the RM a week ago and drained him of information. This proved to be most useful as I was able to tell the manager things about his budget that made his eyes pop out and ask me where I got my insider information from. That was "sweeeet."
I would like to thank Mole for a) being an all round nice kind of chappy but also b) being useful to name as an 'outside contact'. 'Oh and I do have a friend who runs his own company as a management consultant...' Tralaa.
Also Phillie who gave me lots ideas that I nicked for the 8 month business plan I needed to compile for for the interview.

Anyway, I don't wanna count my chickens etc but I think it went pretty well and I'll post again on Monday once I know the sentence!

alternative decor

am beginning to think i could paper the walls of a small room in my house with the letters i'm getting back from school telling me mini-me is failing to hand in homework, failing to attend detentions, is being disruptive in class or has been issued sanctions. maybe i should start collecting them for his best man's speech.

3 May 2006

day off

so this week i really *do* have that postponed interview. that makes 3 weeks on the trot preparing for interviews! a good number of people have helped me prep so thank you very much.

today i started listening to a cd of 'haunted' by Palahniuk which is reputed to be so vile some people have actually thrown up reading it. so far we've had a lad misbehaving at the bottom of a swimming pool and subsequently having his intenstine sucked out of his rear by the pool filter. pretty graphic. maybe i have underdeveloped sensitivities to the gruesome but i'm not feeling nauseous yet. or maybe there's much worse to come.

Detailansicht (4,8 KB) or maybe i was immunised by ->