29 April 2006

hedge backwards

don't be scared. it's only temporary.

now where are my straighteners???


have run twice this week now! just back from jogging round the marina with Mr K on his kitchen ... er I mean, bike ;) and Monty the wild critter.

this is all training for the race for life this summer. does anyone from round here know how far it is round the marina? i could do with an idea and if any of you know off the tops of your heads, well, frankly, it'll save me having to do the research!

in the meantime you can all look forward to get emails from me in the near future begging for money for a good cause ie...seeing me half dead.

what a lovely day it is and the flowers in my garden are fab.

happy weekends all.

28 April 2006


have completed nine seventeenths of my holiday tasks and have lost motivation!

so i texted mole and had lunch out with him knowing that my crucial interview was postponed until next friday.

fortuitously, who should walk round the corner, as we are sat outside waiting for our meals to arrive, but the regional manager. (carrying his motivational stick!) so i forced him into an armlock and drained him of all information i could to enhance my chances of saying the right thing next week. nice man! then mole paid for my lunch. nice man! and gave me two moleskines as a gift. wonderful man!

walked the hound out on the 'fairway'. (not a fairway at all, just looks like it and is thus named in our house). he splashed through very rank, smelly puddle. i threw him in the river. we're square.

have discovered http://weboggle.shackworks.com/game.html and i urge you not to look if you have a penchant for words, a tendancy to waste lots of time in front of a computer and too much else to do. i blame daveybot.


Are the Barton Hills the chilterns? I think so. Anyway, me and alimal went there yesterday to climb trees and get out of puff going up steep slopes.

I hope she doesn't mind me posting this picture of her. It's rather a nice one. Isn't she beautiful??!!

And here's the base of the gnarly old tree we shinned up. Anyone recognise what type it is? It's a proper climber.

One of my best holiday days.

24 April 2006


Just back from a weekend in Denmark.
The Little Mermaid is probably the most famous tourist spot of the town. Lots of Hans Christian Anderson things about but this one is *the* postcard picture.Unfortunately we forgot to put the 128mb card back into the camera and had to make do with 16mb....
The harbour area is very pretty and another postcard destination.
One of the highlights of our weekend was taking a day trip over to Sweden!

It's half an hour on the train over the Oresund and being travel junkies, we had to nip over to say we'd been.
I particularly liked looking round the Swedish Design shop and wishing I just had that spare few thousand Kroner to buy something really special to bring home.
In Denmark we hired bikes to look round the city, visited the extortionate Tivoli, admired the amber on sale everywhere, ate collossal breakfasts in our very pleasant hotel, walked miles around the city taking in the architecture and ate out in some cool restaurants.
In Sweden we spent our time in Malmo looking at the new area with its 'Turning Torso' building, ate apple and cinnamon ice cream in the sun on the Western Harbour, wandered in the old town taking pictures and window shopping Swedish Design, looked round St Peter's Church and sent some postcards.
Got to the airport on Sunday afternoon with lots of time to kill before our flight. Drank freely and played backgammon.
Our travel advice: Take the train to Sweden. Buy a Copenhagen card. Go without teenagers.

Lilla Torg (Little Square)

Lilla Torg (Little Square)
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The family on a day trip to Sweden