28 April 2006


have completed nine seventeenths of my holiday tasks and have lost motivation!

so i texted mole and had lunch out with him knowing that my crucial interview was postponed until next friday.

fortuitously, who should walk round the corner, as we are sat outside waiting for our meals to arrive, but the regional manager. (carrying his motivational stick!) so i forced him into an armlock and drained him of all information i could to enhance my chances of saying the right thing next week. nice man! then mole paid for my lunch. nice man! and gave me two moleskines as a gift. wonderful man!

walked the hound out on the 'fairway'. (not a fairway at all, just looks like it and is thus named in our house). he splashed through very rank, smelly puddle. i threw him in the river. we're square.

have discovered http://weboggle.shackworks.com/game.html and i urge you not to look if you have a penchant for words, a tendancy to waste lots of time in front of a computer and too much else to do. i blame daveybot.

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